story featuring a city where it’s cloudy and rains almost all the time but instead of being stereotypically gloomy and grim, it’s lively and colorful and people party hard indoors and decorate the streets with colorful strings of lights. umbrellas are major fashion accessories and nobody is caught dead without one. festivals are all held indoors except for rain parades. everyone has massive gardens. its awesome.

Mate, being stuck somewhere where it rains all the time WRECKS your mood. It’s genuinely impossible to want a colourful twee little party when all that’s outside is

and you have to wear shorts to work even though it’s cold, because umbrellas only really keep the top part of your torso dry, and the rain’s coming in sideways, and you can’t sit at work all day in wet trousers, and as you walk your shins turn slowly purple and you are never really warm for months on end and then everything floods again.

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some of my favorite images of girls that are very good friends with each other




im loving all the beautiful, heterosexual friendship here


 let me add this for you


how about THIS ONE

Beautiful friendship where we never learn the girls names, but Motoko jumps into bed with two of them? Oh yeah, it’s so great how comfortable girls are with each other…

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This group meets biweekly: this group meets twice a week

This group meets fortnightly: this group meets once a fortnight


Errrrr, no: “biweekly” almost always means “once every two weeks”.  Twice a week would be “semi-weekly”, though i think for something that frequent it’s rarely used.  There is some confusion around the term “bi”, but usually only once you get into the months and years.

TBQH almost every grammar/writing tip is just to be utterly plain: “This group meets ___once/twice/three times___ a ____week/month/year___”

Again, my main “eh, whatever” (it’s not a hatred or opposition - it’s a “I’m not going to lament its loss”) for fortnight is that it’s not really a cohesive time unit.  A week has seven days, each of different names — so if you meet once a week on Mondays, that means every Monday!  A month has 28-31 days, each of different names/numbers — so if you meet once a month on the 1st, that means every 1st! And a year has twelve months, all of different names — once a year in July means every July.  See the pattern?  A fortnight is weird because instead of being a unit, it’s a term for “two of a unit”.

Fine to use it, but it’s no great loss.

Haha :D I’d be REALLY surprised if anyone expressed outright hatred or opposition to a word that just means ‘two weeks’ :D Didn’t take it like that at all.

And of course all that you say about the pattern of months and days is correct, but I don’t see how it bears on fortnight being or not being cohesive enough to be worthwile.  It’s useful- people use it. It conveys a stretch of time. It works. Wouldn’t we place ‘quarter’ and ‘triad’ in the same category? One fourth of a thing, three of a thing. And what about ‘a dozen’? Or ‘gross’. 

I like those words a lot, and I love it when people use them. I think they’re both practical and colourful, and make the language prettier…so quite a big loss any time a word falls out of the language, I think, but that’s always subjective. Any language- like when I go to the market and buy a ‘mendel’ of eggs, which is 1/4th of a ‘kopa’, which is five dozens.

(granted I’m not a native speaker but I’d be confused by bi-weekly and semi-weekly even more so)

Yes but but but bimonthly is perfectly likely to mean twice a month. Etymologically biweekly is therefore equally unclear. Why lose fortnightly when it serves a really useful purpose in eliminating the other possibilities whilst keeping the structure of the sentence clear and elegant?

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wait you mean you don’t use the word ‘fortnight’ in america???

Wait what? Then what do they use?

they don’t have a word

what do you mean they don’t have a word what kind of uncivilised people are they??

the fuck is a fortnight

It’s a word for ‘two weeks’

We say “two weeks”

*thousands of cups of tea smash to the ground in shock*

What, do British people still say that? I thought that word was obsolete everywhere! Let’s bring it back in America.

I’ve heard it here and there and I think the last time I heard someone ask what a fortnight was was… 6th grade? But uh, a week is a distinct unit of time (Sunday-Saturday), and a month is as well.  There is literally no point in having a word for “two weeks”, so it fell out of use (though there was a dancing school that I think was the popular one in middle school and it was called “Fortnightly”, because it met… fortnightly - but they were also pretentious).  So we say “two weeks”.

"I’ll see you in two weeks."

"This group meets biweekly."


I mean, do British people say “this package will arrive in three to four fortnights”???

I learned my English in Ireland and fortnight was definitely a thing. I mean, why not? It sounds way better than biweekly, I can tell you that!


This group meets biweekly: this group meets twice a week

This group meets fortnightly: this group meets once a fortnight

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one day, I am going to write a tv show called Con and it will be about this really hot chick who has no interest in comics but who likes to go to conventions dressed in perfectly replicated costumes of various sexy villainesses for the sole purpose of seducing Legit Nerd Boys back to their parents’ houses where she then knocks them out and steals all their mint condition first editions. She then sells them on ebay for outrageous sums and buys herself lavish gifts of self indulgent Girl Things like caviar that she spills over her body as she laughs maniacally at the idiotic man-children who succumb to her feminine wiles.

One day at a con an Actual Geek Girl™ catches onto what she’s doing and confronts her and then they become best friends and ruin Legit Nerd Boys lives and become rich and run off into a lesbian sunset together where they live happily ever after with their spandex and their misandry

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Horton hears somebody he used to know


do you ever regret drawing something

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Episodes from my never-going-to-happen X-Men animated series:

Marvel World Tour: The X-Men finish up a tour just in time for one of Dazzler’s concerts…on the other side of the world. With the less than helpful help of various X-Men teleporters (Gateway, Blink, Magik, etc) Dazzler ends up on an impromptu world tour.

A Day in the Life:

Forge makes a video about the average day working in his lab, with his assistants David Alleyne and Sarah Vale.

Family Circus:

Acts from Nightcrawler’s old circus have been disappearing, so he goes to investigate with Rogue. They end up fighting the Circus of Crime.


Blindfold and Preview use their precognitive powers to discover why the Danger Room went haywire. Entire episode is out of sequence, with scenes appearing in a seemingly random order.

Father’s Day:
Mojo abducts Dazzler, Shatterstar, and Shatterstar’s “roommate” Rictor to have them participate in a 1950s suburbia-themed gladiatorial games with Longshot. Everyone in the mojoverse refers to Rictor as “Shatterstar’s “roommate”, Rictor,” complete with air quotes.

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tonyloki, you wanted me to draw some leah of hel so I made her accepting the fact that she’s death (hela).

I miss journey into mystery and young avengers! Kinda sad she’s not in loki agent of asgard…


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word up to all the women in the uk who got married to other women this weekend but didnt get reported on because the media only reported on male gay marriages for Some Mysterious Reason

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